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Steel Butterfly pics

from chopcult article

Chop Cult article on my bike

Chop Cult is a cool blog that was kind enough to feature a few of my bikes recently. Click the link below. Once there, scroll back and the “speed fetus” is on there too, as well as my friend Leo’s “steel panther”. Thanks guys!


Old pic

Daytona a few years ago with vibes crew.

More F of F

internally supercharged v 12 anyone? don’t worry, if it breaks he has a few spare ones lying around…

Back from Daytona

Hey there everyone, thanks for being patient. Im back and have a lot of pics and stories. For starters, my friend Leo and I found an awsome aircraft museum near Orlando. My other friend Eric, who is a pilot (and also into the same shit I am) told me about it. Anyway we roll down there and find this place; its called “Fantasy of Flight”- a strangly gay name for a place that is anything but. I am going to do a few posts on this place because there is way too much to cover in one. Heres the deal- it is a private museum. The guy who ownes it, and everything inside, is named Kermit. I dont remember his last name, but he is a certified badass. While we were there he flew in from some other airshow in his p-40 Warhawk! No shit! buzzed the field a few times and landed it right there in front of the main hanger. Best part is, there is almost no security because its all private and the guy doesnt give a shit. We just stood there on the tarmac as he rolled up and parked this thing, grumbled a few words to his buddies, and walked off into the hanger! Certified badass all the way. Heres a pic of my friend Leo in front of his Warhawk about 3 seconds after he walked away from it. more to come….

Daytona is coming up fast!

1 month to go…. cant wait to see what all the “master builders” will roll out!


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